"About Us"

Mabna Holding company commenced its activities in the realm of hardware, software, animation and computerized special effects; then, through all passing years, its area of work experienced refashioning, revising and development, shoulder by shoulder of technological breakthroughs. Today, this company is a pioneers in modern new generation of technological communication services. Thanks to the virtue of devoted and dedicated expert witness staff, Mabna Holding is smartly and intelligently endeavoring to reach the summit of service presentation.


To facilitate world-leading research, teaching and learning and enhance the digital experience, through provision of sustainable and reliable IT solutions.


We will take a ‘user-first’ approach to deliver service excellence, staying agile to drive digital innovation, whilst keeping core assets safe and resilient.

"Our values"

User First - Consider the user experience in everything we do

Clear and Simple Communication - Committed to using accessible language and being transparent

Stay Secure - Be champions of good practice, proactively managing risks related to information technology

Equitable and Open - In our service provision and professional approach, providing access to our expertise and resources

Agile approach - Adopt a flexible operational approach and mind-set by anticipating and adapting positively to change

From provider to ‘partner’ - Develop a partnership approach to working, through close collaboration and integrated processes

Develop our people - Contribute to staff development, continuing to build capabilities and talents to delivery excellent service